Debt Collection Harassment

Debt collection harassment takes many forms. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, harassment is defined as any conduct that would harass, oppress, or abuse anyone. This includes:


  1. Threatening harm to you or your property.

  2. Using obscene or profane language.

  3. Publishing your name in a list of consumers who have not paid a debt.

  4. Advertising a sale of your debt in order to coerce payment.

  5. Causing a phone to ring repeatedly with the intent to annoy you.


Debt collectors are not allowed to harass you. We can help if your rights have been violated.

But, there are many other protections and rights, as the FDCPA recognizes that debt-collection harassment can take many other forms. This same type of harassment is also prohibited under state laws in North Carolina. You have the right to demand that a debt collector stop contacting you, whether they are contacting you at home or at work.


DYE CULIK PC will protect your rights and take action against the debt collector on your behalf, usually at no cost to you if harassment has occurred to sometimes eliminate the debt and obtain damages for the violations.

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