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Advocacy Group Sues Ocwen, Deutsche Bank, for Post-Foreclosure Discrimination Against Minorities

ocwen foreclosure discrimination

Ocwen and Deutsche Bank of discriminating against African-American and Latino homeowners, leaving foreclosed properties to languish in minority neighborhoods, while maintaining care of properties in primarily white areas.

The lawsuit was filed by the group National Fair Housing Alliance and alleges widespread discrimination throughout the United States, all related to foreclosure.

In one neighborhood, for example, 2/3 of properties in communities of color had trash left on the premises, while less than 1/3 had trash left in white communities. Similarly, 2 in 5 foreclosed properties in minority neighborhoods had broken or boarded up windows, while less than 4% had such conditions in white neighborhoods.

This lawsuit shows that not only have banks like Ocwen and Deutsche Bank foreclosed unnecessarily on African-Americans and Latinos (as shown in other studies), but this mistreatment continues even after foreclosure. Many foreclosures could and should have been averted with loan modifications or other foreclosure alternatives.

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