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Can Debt Collectors Collect from Dead People?


How can someone collect money from dead people? Actually, they collect from the bereaved family members of the deceased.

What is important to remember is that family members do not have to pay the debts of the deceased.

As the article mentions, debt collectors often prey on the sense of obligation that family members feel, as well as their grief at the loss of a loved one, which makes it difficult to say “no.”

Families without an attorney, however, often don’t know any better.

Although there is nothing illegal about asking for money, debt collectors may run afoul of the law if they falsely tell families that they are personally liable for their deceased relatives’ debts. This is because under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), as well as under the Massachusetts Attorney General’s debt-collection regulations, it is illegal for a debt collector to claim that someone owes a debt when in fact they do not.

Original article: Collecting Money from Dead People

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