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Consumer Financial Complaints Now Online Through CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has made consumer complaints publicly available to search.

The database cover the major issues in the consumer financial marketplace, including debt collection, inaccurate credit reports, and foreclosure.


The complaints show the seriousness of the violations that average people deal with every day. Many of these involve debt collection. For instance, a complaint submitted only a few days ago from Massachusetts describes how a consumer who sent a debt-verification letter to a debt collector continued to receive illegal collection notices afterwards.

Other recent complaints from Massachusetts involve credit reporting, including making credit tradelines as late when they are actually current, and reporting debts that have been discharged in bankruptcy.

The database allows granular searching by state, issue, and ZIP code, so that if you are having a certain issue, you can see what experiences others are having. These complaints redact consumers’ personal information to provide privacy.

Approximately 59% of consumers who submitted complaints permitted them to be publicly searchable through this database. The CFPB estimates that over 627,000 complaints have been submitted.

You can view the data using the links below. You can also use the bottom link to submit your own complaint.

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CFPB Consumer Complaint Database

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