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Culik Law Files Lawsuit Against Staples for Giving Customers’ Computer to Wrong Person


The customers brought their computer to Staples to have the computer backed up in case the data was lost, claims the lawsuit. But when they went to pick it up, Staples gave away the computer to the wrong person, apparently without asking for any identification.

When the customers asked Staples to review the security tapes and try to identify the person, Staples refused to turn over any information. As a result, the customers were unable to take action to track down their computer. Contained on the computer was personal information, bank account records, and records relating to the customers’ businesses, all of which has now been lost.

“Staples refused to respond to the letter we sent asking for their assistance with recovering the information and compensating the customers for their loss,” said the customers’ attorney, Josef Culik. “What makes this so outrageous is that Staples is aware they gave the computer away to the wrong person but have done nothing to repair the severe negligence and dangergous identity breach they have caused for my clients.”

The lawsuit is being filed in Massachusetts state court under various laws, including a law prohibiting unfair and deceptive business practices.

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