• DYE CULIK PC | Consumer Protection Division

Culik Law Reverses $100k+ Citibank Lawsuit

In a civil case in Massachusetts state court, Attorney Joe Culik overturned a judgment against a client in excess of $100,000.

The judgment was obtained in violation of Massachusetts law, and the defendant-consumer had not been served with the summons and complaint at his residence.

Instead, in what is colloquially known as “sewer service,” Citi left the summons at a building where he did not live. In this case, the law firm prosecuting the Citibank lawsuit was Lustig, Glaser & Wilson, PC.

“On balance, the removal of the default judgment is warranted,” wrote the judge, also noting that Citi had violated other Massachusetts procedural law by filing suit in the wrong court.

The decision in the case was issued on February 18, 2011. All wage garnishment activity has been stopped by the court.