• DYE CULIK PC | Consumer Protection Division

Culik Law Stops Foreclosure by Wells Fargo Just Hours Before Sale

In February 2011, with a foreclosure scheduled for the same day, Attorney Joe Culik of Culik Law PC argued to a Suffolk Superior Court judge that Wells Fargo had failed to honor a loan modification agreement with Massachusetts homeowners.

Attorney Culik requested that the judge issue a preliminary injunction ordering Wells Fargo to cancel the foreclosure sale and honor the loan modification agreement.

The attorney for Wells Fargo, from Harmon Law Offices, also appeared, opposing the injunction, and demanding to foreclose on the homeowners despite undisputed evidence that Wells Fargo had violated its contract as well as the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, M.G.L. Chapter 93A.

After argument by both sides, the homeowners prevailed — the judge ordered Wells Fargo and Harmon Law Offices to cancel the foreclosure, allowed the homeowners’ lawsuit against Wells Fargo to proceed.