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Culik Law Wins In Trial Against Landlord For Refusal To Return Security Deposit

Culik Law recently prevailed in a trial against a Boston-area landlord for her failure to return a tenant’s security deposit. At trial, despite being provided with her own hand-written receipts stating that the money the tenant provided was for a “security deposit,” the landlord denied that was what the funds were for. She failed to persuade the judge, who ruled against her, and awarded triple damages, costs, and attorney fees.

Massachusetts laws provide powerful protections to tenants. A landlord is required to return a security deposit within 30 days of the tenant vacating the property. For failure to do so, a judge can award the tenant triple the amount of the deposit.

Additionally, a landlord must deposit a security deposit in an interest-bearing account, in a bank located in Massachusetts. The landlord has to provide a receipt with the bank name, location, and account number. Failure to do so also entitles the tenant to return of the security deposit, plus costs and attorney fees.

If you are a tenant whose landlord did not return your security deposit, or did not provide a receipt, your rights may have been violated. Culik Law can provide a free consultation and may be able to represent you at no cost.

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