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Culik Law Wins Trial Against Debt Collector Midland Funding, LLC

culik law wins against midland funding

Midland Funding, LLC, holding that the consumer did not owe the debt.

Midland Funding claimed that the consumer owed it money for a defaulted credit card account it had allegedly purchased. At the trial, Midland produced a witness who claimed to be in possession of documents assigning the account to it.

In response, Culik Law argued that the documents produced were insufficient to show ownership of the account. This argument carried the day, as the judge issued a judgment against Midland.

Midland Funding is one of the largest debt collectors in the country. It is a type of debt collector called a “debt buyer,” which does not lend money, but instead purchases defaulted accounts in order to collect and file collection lawsuits.

Debt collectors such as Midland frequently come to trial unprepared, with documents that are arguably inadmissible or incomplete, or contain unverified statements.

Culik Law also has a class-action lawsuit pending against Midland Funding in federal district court alleging that the Massachusetts debt collection licensing law requires Midland Funding to obtain a license before it may operate in Massachusetts. No decision has yet been made in that case, although Culik Law has been involved in obtaining numerous decisions indicating that Midland may ultimately need to become licensed.

Culik Law is a Boston, Massachusetts consumer protection law firm. If you have been sued by Midland Funding, contact us to see if we may be able to help.

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