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Debt Collection Affects 1 in 3 Americans, Disproportionately Affects Non-Whites, Says Report

debt collection in america

Urban Institute titled “Debt in America” shows that 1 in 3 Americans have debt in collection. Among non-whites, almost 1 in 2 (45%) have debt in collections.

The median amount of debt each person has is $1,450, with whites in debt having slightly more debt than non-whites.

Data about debt collection from the report comes from multiple sources, including a random sample of deidentified, consumer-level records from a major credit bureau, as well as estimates from summary tables of the US Census Bureau.

The report contains an interactive debt-collection map that lets you zoom in on how Boston (or any other area) compares.

For instance, 31% of people in Suffolk County have debt in collections, 24% in Essex County, 17% in Middlesex, 16%in Norfolk County, and 24% in Plymouth County.

This report not only gives interesting statistical data about debt collection in general, but it also shows how non-whites have a disparately large number of debts in collection.

As a whole, Massachusetts has less debt collection, with 23% of people in collections, versus the national average of 33%.

However, when looking at non-whites only, Massachusetts fares slightly worse: 46% of non-whites have debts in collection versus the national average of 45%.

This report shows how debt collection is still a major hurdle facing Americans, and especially people of color. Often, debt collectors use their most abusive tactics when dealing with people who are economically or otherwise disadvantaged.

This makes it all the more important to use consumer-protection laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Consumer Protection Act, called Chapter 93A, to stop them.

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