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Debt Collector Facing Criminal Fraud Charges for Abusive Collection Tactics



The government alleges that the nationwide debt collector victimized more than 6,000 consumers in its efforts to collect over $4.1 million dollars. A complete copy of the government’s 36 page complaint is available here, and some of the charges include that:

  1. WSA employees told consumers that WSA stood for “Warrant Services Association” and falsely suggested that it was affiliated with the federal government;

  1. WSA employees told consumers that they had committed criminal acts such as “check fraud” or “depository check fraud” and that if they didn’t pay immediately warrants would be issued for their arrest and that they would face jail time;

  1. WSA employees would use legitimate-sounding, but completely bogus, explanations for criminal threats such as that the ‘statute of limitations’ on their ‘civil legal rights’ had expired.

  1. WSA sent documents to consumers in the mail that contained the seal of the U.S. Department of State;

  1. WSA employees were given scripts to read to consumers containing fraudulent statements including threats of criminal charges and associations with the government and/or attorneys;

  1. One consumer alleges that a WSA employee told their son that there was a warrant out for his parent’s arrest because they had committed check fraud and owed them money;

  1. While searching WSA’s office federal investigators discovered thousands of recorded phone calls between WSA employees and consumers containing similar misrepresentations.

Such extreme debt collection tactics not only violate debt collection laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but can also result in criminal actions. If convicted, these defendants could face significant prison sentences for criminal fraud.

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