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Free Resources Available about Debt Collection Through Massachusetts Law Libraries


This webpage, Massachusetts Law about Debt Collection, has links to state and federal law, regulations, important case law, and secondary sources, including informative articles.

For instance, it includes the Attorney General’s Guide to Fair Debt Collection, which outlines what debt collectors are and are not permitted to do under Massachusetts law.

It also includes important laws about debt collector licensing under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 93. Debt collectors operating in Massachusetts are required to obtain a license to collect debt from the Massachusetts Division of Banks.

Additionally, the Attorney General’s Debt Collection Regulations and the Division of Banks Debt Collection Regulations are also linked.

Numerous other resources are listed, as well. Some of these require you to obtain a library card from the Massachusetts Law Libraries, but membership is available free to the public.

The Law Libraries’ resources page is an example of how important it is for the public to support funding of the court systems, without which this helpful and informative information would not be available.

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