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How Do I Find an Attorney to Represent Me in a Debt Lawsuit Filed by a Credit Card or Debt Collector


It is important to gather as much documentation as possible, as it will be helpful for your attorney to review copies of letters you have received from the debt collector, copies of records you have kept of phone calls, letters you wrote, or other communications.

Whether you would have to pay any attorney’s fees depends on the specific facts of the case. If there are violations of consumer-protection laws like the FDCPA or the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, called Chapter 93A, then the attorney may be able to take the case at no cost to you.

When interviewing an attorney, you should ask about whether they are an experienced debt defense attorney, how many cases like yours the attorney has handled, and what percentage of the attorney’s work involves consumer protection.

One indicator of the attorney’s qualification is whether they are a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA). Culik Law is a member of NACA and has experience with debt collectors and credit card companies — defending against the lawsuits they file, and even filings individual and class-action lawsuits against them for debt collection violations in state and federal court.

Culik Law offers no-cost debt consultations for issues involving debt collection cases. We also provide some great information on debt collection lawsuits, your rights, credit reporting, and more at resetyourdebt.com. Give us a call today for a more information.

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