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New Free Book on Credit, Debt

Strike Debt, which appears to be affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement, has released a thorough, informative book for those in debt looking to defend themselves from the abuses of the debt-collection process. The extensively footnoted text is called The Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual, and is available online for free. Although it is not legal advice, it gives background on credit reporting, credit card debt, debt collection, and bankruptcy.

Some of the tips it gives when dealing with debt collectors include the following:

– Do not ignore collection letters.

– Send dispute letters to debt collectors if the collectors are trying to collect something you do not owe.

– Regardless of whether the debt is legitimate, you have the right to ask the debt collector to cease communication with you at home and at work.

– You are not obligated to pay debts that are beyond the statute of limitations.

We recommend this book as an entry-level primer on credit, debt, and defending against what are many debt collectors’ unethical and unscrupulous practices.

Link: The Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual

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