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New Procedures Proposed for Debt Collection Cases in Massachusetts District Court

The Massachusetts court system proposed an update to the rules for what debt collectors must file when they sue consumers in state District Court. Under the proposal, collectors would have to provide additional verification of consumers’ addresses, such as through public records or consumer databases.

The initial filing in the collection case, the complaint, would have to identify the original creditor, the last four digits of the account number, and the date of the last payment. These would help ensure that consumers can identify the account as their own.


Similar requirements were implemented a few years ago in Small Claims Court, but until now, no proposal has been made to adopt them in District Court.

A recent article in the Boston Globe reports that 90% of consumers lose by default because they do not respond to these lawsuits, often because consumers were served at the wrong address.

A link to the proposed rule is here: Massachusetts District Court Standing Order 1-15

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