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Reset Your Debt, Rebuild Your Credit: A Free Culik Law Workshop

Updated: Jan 22

We will be presenting different topics at each event. The March 26 event will focus on debt collection issues, options for reducing debt, how to deal with debt collectors, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations, bankruptcy options, credit reporting issues and errors, and how to correct them, and Fair Credit Reporting Act violations.

Reset Your Debt, Rebuild Your Credit
Reset Your Debt, Rebuild Your Credit

The featured speaker for the event is Attorney Joe Culik. He will present topics related to debt and credit and will also interact one-on-one with attendees to answer questions and provide information.

We’re excited to be celebrating five years in business during 2014 and see these events as an integral part of our commitment to contributing to the Massachusetts community and consumers.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to present these workshops, and be able to interact directly and help people with issues that are very relevant to their lives right now,” says Joe Culik, President of Culik Law.

DYE CULIK PC (previously Culik Law PC) is a consumer financial protection law firm located in Boston, MA and Charlotte, NC. If you have issues with your debt or credit, give us a call at 800-704-4214.