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Solicitations by Phone or Text… Just Say No

Tonight we received a text message promising mortgage help and rates as low as 2% all the way from Dalton, Georgia (706-847-7027). While we love the good people of Georgia, we wanted to put out a WARNING on this kind of thing. Be wary of people soliciting you by phone or text message for anything — especially loan modification help.

We’ve seen individuals and families lose thousands of dollars to out of state companies, local companies and even local attorneys who solicited them by phone or text pretending to know their mortgage information. In most cases they are fraudulent, and end up taking individual’s money without doing anything to actually advocate for them. It is often next to impossible to get your money back because they used a false identity, the business “goes under,” or simply because they are out of state making it more difficult and costly to track them down and sue them for fraudulent business practices. If someone, even an attorney, calls or sends you a text to solicit you and provides you with information about an upcoming foreclosure or seems to know more than they should about your mortgage, or makes grand promises without having all the facts, be very, very cautious. Never provide them with any personal information and don’t agree to anything until you’ve had a chance to check them out fully.

In our experience, the companies and attorneys who solicit individuals in this manner are probably not the ones you want helping to protect your home or advocate for you in time of crisis.

We advise everyone to go to the National Association of Consumer Advocates (http://www.naca.net/) or your state bar association and find a reputable, consumer rights attorney in your part of the country to help you. This will offer you the best chance at putting off a foreclosure and having someone qualified to be your advocate in your state.

Spread the word, be cautious, and find someone local who you can trust.

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