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What Does a Consumer Protection Attorney Do?

The United States has a variety of laws on both the federal and state levels to help regulate consumer affairs and protect consumers against unfair business practices. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responsible for creating and enforcing consumer protection laws, which include the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Truth in Lending Act, Fair Credit Billing Act, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Consumer Protection Law is an expansive area that is charged with protecting consumers' privacy and rights. Because it covers such a large part of your daily business transactions and relationships, it is in your best interest to have a consumer protection attorney that knows the law and understands how it affects and protects you. Below are a few unique legal issues that consumer protection attorneys help with.

What Does a Consumer Protection Attorney Do?
What Does a Consumer Protection Attorney Do?

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is a service that enables you to reduce your debt by negotiating with your debt collector. However, it may impact your overall credit scores or cause you to dive deeper into debt. Because of the risk factors, it is advantageous to have a consumer protection attorney on your side to help settle the accounts and resolve issues more favorably with the least amount of risk involved.

Debt Collection Harassment & Lawsuit

Unfortunately, not all debt collectors play by the rules. Some use abusive practices to communicate in an attempt to scare you into paying the debt. Harassing, threatening, and lying are all examples of oppressive behavior that you are entitled to sue for the damages. Consumer protection attorneys can help you if your rights have been violated and will continue to represent you throughout potential lawsuits to ensure the correct court procedures are being followed. Attorneys understand that the debt collection industry is lucrative and messy, but with the right background knowledge of other similar lawsuits, the attorneys can fight for the same favorable outcome.

Mortgage Relief and Foreclosure

Consumer protection attorneys not only protect consumers but also the consumers’ homes. If consumers have fallen behind on paying their mortgages and don’t know how they will pay the next one, it may be time to consider a loan modification. Consumer protection attorneys will review your current mortgage plan and negotiate with your mortgage services for a modification. For example, recent modifications include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). Obtaining a loan modification is a complex legal process. Having a consumer protection attorney in your corner will ensure the best modification for your situation.

Violation of Rights

As mentioned previously, the FTC is charged with creating laws that protect consumers. Consumer protection attorneys are like the middlemen who ensure that consumers understand and utilize their rights granted by the FTC. They defend consumers with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act against abusive debt collectors. Acts such as these guarantees that justice will be served when consumer protection laws are violated, and consumer protection attorneys are there to defend consumers all the way through to the end.

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