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What to Do if You are Sued for a Debt by Cavalry SPV I


Culik Law is a consumer protection law firm in Boston, Massachusetts. We help consumers against debt collectors and only represent or provide legal advice to individuals who live or are being sued in Massachusetts. This is a blog about debt collector Cavalry SPV I. If you are trying to reach Cavalry SPV I about a debt, contact them directly. If you need help with a debt and don’t live or have a lawsuit in Massachusetts, you can find an attorney in your state at the National Association of Consumer Advocates or by calling your state bar association for an consumer protection attorney referral.

Two of the major debt buyers and debt collectors operating in Massachusetts are Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC and its affiliate Cavalry SPV I, LLC. Generally, Cavalry Portfolio services acts as a debt collector, and Cavalry SPV is the owner of the accounts.

The accounts these Cavalry companies own are typically credit cards, such as from Bank of America or other credit card issuers. When a consumer defaults on his or her credit card, Cavalry purchases it for pennies on the dollar in order to collect on it.

Consumers often want to know what to do if they receive notice of a lawsuit from Cavalry Portfolio Services or Cavalry SPV I.  Under Massachusetts state law, you have 20 days to respond if you are sued. This leaves very little time to review the documents and find an attorney. In Massachusetts, the lawsuit can be left at someone’s residence, and does not have to be personally served, so sometimes it will be a few days before someone even notices that the lawsuit has been served.

It is always best to contact an attorney who is experienced in dealing with debt collectors like Cavalry. Debt collectors and their attorneys often try to use technicalities and procedural mechanisms so that they can avoid having to prove that they own the debt. In fact, one report by the Federal Trade Commission showed that debt buyers often have little or no documentation to show that they own the debts they are trying to collect.

Furthermore, if a debt collector says things to you that are untrue, or makes threats to do things that they are not legally allowed to do (like have you arrested or embarrass you to your friend, family, or co-workers), you may have a claim against them. In some cases, debt buyers like Cavalry or other companies may even misstate the amount someone owes. Not only do they have no evidence of owning the debt, they may not even know how much the debt is for.

Often, a consumer-protection attorney can represent you for little or no fee to defend you against these lawsuits, especially if your rights have been violated under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act.

If you are being sued by Cavalry SPV in Massachsuetts, contact us today for a consultation.

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