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When are Credit Reports Free for Massachusetts Consumers? More Often Than You Might Think

You’ve probably seen the ads on television or on the Internet offering a free one-month trial of a credit monitoring service that will give you your credit reports free if you sign up. Tempted? Don’t be — your credit report is probably already free.

There are a number of situations in which Massachusetts consumers can obtain their credit reports for free. Federal law mandates that credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, to name a few) provide credit reports at least once per year. Massachusetts law requires one free credit report at least once per calendar year, which might make you able to obtain another credit report soon after your first one.


You also get a free credit report if you’ve been denied credit. Have you ever received one of those credit-denial letters telling you that credit was denied for various reasons? Don’t just throw it away. You can call the credit bureau listed on the letter and get a free credit report from them. This allows you to verify that the information was inaccurate.

Job-seekers get a free credit report under Massachusetts law, too. If you’re unemployed and seeking employment, you have the right to get another free credit report.

And finally, people on public assistance get a free credit report.

Most importantly, once you get your credit report, review it to ensure that it’s accurate. You can use the Culik Law Credit Report Dispute Kit to send your disputes, or someone at our office would be glad to assist you with how to send a dispute.

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