Student Loan Debt

More than 70% of students graduate from college with student loan debt. But due to changes in economic circumstances, job loss, or difficulty in finding a job after graduation, some inevitably will not be able to afford their student loan payments.


There are different ways that we can help get you back on track, or even fight back against student loan collectors when they break the law or violate your consumer protection rights.


The first step is to determine whether your student loans are federal or private. You can log on to the National Student Loan Data System to find out. Only federal loans will appear on the website. Your options will depend on what type of loans you have.

DYE CULIK PC handles many types of student loan collection cases and can help if you are being sued or need to settle your student loans.

If you are sued by a student loan company, you may be able to raise defenses to payment. For instance, one major filer of lawsuits, the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, often does not have all the paperwork to prove that it owns the loan, a legal prerequisite under the rules of evidence.


Some loans can be changed to income-based repayment plans. Federal loans offer both Income Based Repayment and Income Contingent Repayment. What your new payment will be can be calculated using the Department of Education’s Repayment Calculator. You are also entitled to rehabilitate your student loan after you have already defaulted. 


If you are permanently disabled or your school closed while you were attending it, you may be entitled to student loan cancellation, also called a “discharge.” If you work for a certain period of time in a public service job, you might also be entitled to a discharge. Private loans, however, are often harder to discharge.

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